Universi | International Cultural Network
Let's give voice to the "beautiful minds"
Universi is a project for an international digital network promoting cultural exchanges, the talent and the research. Our mission is to give voice to the "beautiful minds" and spread the quality of their thinking through innovative relationships between didactics, research, publishing and the business world.

This double side digital platform unites the "genius" of the planet such as students, professors, researchers, professionals, critics, philosophers, writers, artists, journalists ... and grants them a flexible infrastructure to spread their talent, promote their ideas, exchange and monetize their knowledge, seize high-value job opportunities and to contribute to improve the social life of the international community.

Universi works as a planetary synapse that fosters associations of ideas from different cultures. An Erasmus for everyone, always on. Online.

The network also provides support to universities, schools, foundations, companies and professionals… providing services for live streaming conferences and debates, e-learning, recruiting, communication and a marketplace for creative minds.

To learn more, see the video-pitch and the document Vision & Mission.

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