Spread your art and culture worldwide
Universi is an online platform where you can spread your art and culture globally.
It's an international hub where you can post your articles, artworks and cultural events.
Write articles that inspire
Men of letters, book-writers, critics, philosophers, professors, students, scientists,
researchers, journalists, architects, designers… can publish their own articles about
art, architecture, design, literature, philosophy, music, theatre, cinema…
and get a selected audience of professional readers.
Write an article about architecture or design, review a book you love,
expose your inner critic about a literary movement or a poet,
interview a book writer, a philosopher, a scientist, an artist, a musician, a designer,
publish your researches and studies about science and technology,
involve the public opinion on issues such as the environment and energy,
describe your cultural experiences, add photos, videos…
Universi promotes your
articles to the main page
Universi, promotes the most loved articles to the main page of the magazine,
giving you more visibility, prestige and revenues.

Spread your artworks
Post your artworks as paintings, photos, illustrations, sculptures, design, music and video. Through Universi you can optionally sell your artworks or your publishing rights. Universi protects your own intellectual property.
Promote your cultural events
Universi web and mobile apps give the utmost visibility to your cultural events as exhibitions, conferences, concerts, theatre, trade-shows, points of interest… It helps you to keep your audience informed and easily distribute your tickets
Be a Universier!
Post an article, an artwork, a cultural event and earn money
Post your own an article, artworks or cultural event on Universi.
We share with you our revenues, sell your tickets and your artworks publishing rights. Universi protects your own intellectual property.
Looking for cofounders, investors, sponsors, partners and a team
This is a demo version. All the contents on this platform are fake and here shown for demonstrative purposes only.
We are currently looking for cofounders, investors, sponsors and skilled people to create a team and launch this project worldwide. Please contact us if interested.